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I absolutely love cooking and following a healthy lifestyle. My goal is to make sure you have access to meals that suit your dietary or family needs. Think of me as your personal cook. I come, cook your meals for you and leave your kitchen as clean as I found it.

So, how does this service work?

You select your meals from our menu and once your booking is submitted you will receive an ingredient list to provide on the day.

If you have allergies or dislikes, recipes can be adjusted to suit your needs. Meals are prepared in your kitchen, using your ingredients and packaged to your requirements. We leave your kitchen neat and tidy, like we were never there!



In the first year of business, I was honoured to be a finalist in the 2020 AusMumpreneur Awards in two categories of Emerging AusMumpreneur and Making a Difference (Health). It is great to be recognised however I don’t do it for the awards and accolades, I do it as I love cooking and assisting people.

Although we are not a registered NDIS provider, our service is available for NDIS participants so they could get a helping hand. Please read HERE for more information.

My long term goal is to continue to educate people about the keto diet, work on more cookbooks and expand Ketolicious Kreations outside Perth so people have access to home-made healthy meals Australia-wide.

If you would like to know more about how it works, feel free to contact me and we can discuss how to best incorporate healthy meals in your life.

The journey of starting Your Meals (Ketolicious Kreations as it was previously named) began in 2019 when I started getting disillusioned with working in Accounting and Finance for over a decade.


Despite having a great job, married to a wonderful man and having two fantastic kids, I felt like I needed more in my life. I wanted a purpose, a sense of fulfilment and to be passionate about what I was doing.

What was my passion? Cooking! I love hosting dinners and cooking healthy meals for my family. Having come across the Ketogenic lifestyle a number of years back, it became a big game changer for me.

I lost about 20kg from going sugar free and carb free and was able to keep the weight off. The only issue I had with Keto was the lack of meal variety.


"The seed for Your Meals was born, and I formed my business with my family in mind."


My business fits around my kids’ school hours and all recipes are tried and tested by my whole family. There are no tougher critics than kids so all meals that get the tick of approval make it through to the menu.

The clients I serve tend to lead busy lives, may not find cooking enjoyable or would love to have the occasional night off.

Meet Our Talented




Letitia is a Mum of 3 who spends two days working in a school canteen, another day volunteering in another and she wants spend another day cooking for Your Meals. Letitia covers Fremantle and the surrounding suburbs.

WA - Fremantle & Surrounds



Mags has a background in nursing, as a carer and more recently she volunteered in the Salvation Army kitchen and has even had her own small business doing something similar to Your Meals! At this stage, Mags in available for 2 hour bookings only.

WA - Palmyra and surround suburbs



Barbara used to run her own food business, so she has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to food. Now she is just looking for a stress free role that she can work around her family. Bookings with Barbara will open as soon as the final paperwork comes through.

WA - Mosman Park to Cockburn

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