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Terms & Conditions


Terms & Conditions


These Client Terms (‘Terms’) apply to all clients who use our website and book our cooking services. We may modify and update these Terms at any time, without notice. You need to ensure you review the Terms from time to time. In using our website and services and signing up for our Services, you agree to be bound by these Terms as well as any and all general Terms and Conditions posted on our website from time to time.


You select the meal(s) from our website and Ketolicious Kreations will provide you with the ingredient listing. We will then arrange a time to come to your home to cook your selected meals for you (‘Cooking Service’).


Our food is made with fresh produce but some meals and food may contain nuts, dairy or other allergens. We have carefully listed these in the meals section of our on our website and have substitutions available for most items. If you have other allergies that we have not listed, please contact us to check before booking. If you have or suspect you may have allergies or medical issues which may be affected by certain foods, or, after consuming any of our recipes you find you may have or be experiencing side effects, you should promptly contact your professional health care provider. Because there is always some risk involved when changing diet and lifestyle, Your Meals is not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences that might result from any dietary changes or food reactions you may experience. Please do not engage our services if you are not willing to assume this risk.




In order to engage our cooking services, we ask that you acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • We will at all times, provide the services and comply with all relevant statutes and regulations including local council regulations, The Food Act 2008 (WA), the Food Standards Australia code for food safety and any applicable industry standards and guidelines;

  • Where we require access to your premises, you will ensure that we have any relevant access codes, or otherwise and safe access, in order for us to provide our services. If you have a pet, you need to secure your pet to ensure our safe entry with any food or other items we may need to transport and bring into your home. In the event you have forgotten to provide us with access or have not arranged access or are more than 15 minutes late after the agreed time, we will contact you on the number provided. If we are required to attend your property for a second time due to the inability to access your premises, we charge an additional fee to do so or may treat the session as cancelled, in our sole discretion;

  • We are at no times and are in no way responsible for loss or damage to your property including but not limited to any damage caused by any cooking, odours, spillages, breakages, or other damage unless it is caused by our gross negligence.

  • You will have the proper insurances in place to protect us whilst we are on your premises.

  • You will have the proper and appropriate required cooking facilities to enable us to provide our services.

  • You will ensure your kitchen premises is clean and all surfaces, cooking utensils and kitchenware we may be using, have been properly sanitised in advance of the Cooking Service.

  • You will ensure your kitchen is not accessed by any pets during the Cooking Service.

  • You will ensure you have all the listed ingredients ready for our Cooking Service or will otherwise advise us in advance so we may assist you with obtaining any missing items.

  • Any food you do purchase for the Cooking Service must be protected and kept as per the manufacturer or seller instructions to prevent any contamination or safety issues with the ingredients; and

  • Any additional food or other requirements that may be necessary to provide our services or that you ask us to provide, will be an additional charge for which you agree to reimburse to us.




Whilst we do not require any deposit to book our Services, we do require full payment prior to the commencement of our Service.




If you wish to cancel our Services, we require 48 hrs notice in order to allow us the opportunity to book in other clients. Any cancellation notice received after this time will incur the full fee for the Service.

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