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Disclaimer & Copyright


Disclaimers & Copyright Information


I am neither a professional cook or a professional recipe developer. I am a person who likes cooking healthy meals and helping others. My recipes are my own creations from my own personal journey with the ketogenic diet. They have been tested and approved by my family and in some cases, friends and neighbours. None of the advice given on this website is to be considered as medical advice. Please do not make any changes to your lifestyle or diet without discussing it with your doctor.


Nutrition information provided for recipes on Your Meals are estimated and for guidance only. I am not a dietician or nutritionist and I don't have any medical training. All the values provided are for information purpose only. Product type and brands purchased can change the nutritional values in any given recipe. Other factors may affect the values such as the amount of salt, spices and sweetener that are listed "to taste" or "optional", it is not calculated into the recipe as the amount will vary. To obtain accurate nutritional values, you should calculate in your preferred calculator with actual ingredients used in your recipe. Under no circumstances, Your Meals or its owner will be held responsible for loss or damage caused as a result of your reliance on nutritional information.


I try my best to estimate accurate preparation and cooking times for recipes on Your Meals. However, it might differ from person to person. When planning to make a dish, please take into account that experience in the kitchen, ability to multitask during cooking, whether you are chopping your vegetables just before cooking or use pre-chopped vegetables. These factors are certainly going to affect prep and cooking times. The recipes on Ketolicious Kreations might take a longer or shorter time to create than indicated on the recipe card.




Photos: All photos on this website are owned by me and are copyrighted.

Recipes: If you are a fellow food blogger and you would like to use any of my recipes on your blog, I am happy for you to do so but please use your own words to describe your experience and making of it and do not copy any of the text or photos used on the original recipe page here. You will need to clearly link back to the recipe post here on Your Meals.

Meal Plans: All meal plans are created by me, using my own recipes. These meal plans are copyrighted and are not to be given to anyone who hasn’t purchased them through this website.

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